2020 MLB Base Package

2020 MLB BASE Package$399  $249

  • MLB Access to EVERYTHING 
  • Access to Season Win Totals (perhaps our best overall value bet)

Your Sports Analytics Team

Winning at sports takes real work, introspective thought & accurate data analysis. We’ve built a team of data scientists and analysts to help automate and streamline the data process for you.


The amount of noise in the sports betting media right now is insane. Cut through all the meaningless clutter and focus on the metrics that actually matter.


Our goal is to continually innovate and provide useful info to you, the handicapper. We are building tools so you can quickly interact with the data to understand why we are making certain plays.

Real Work

We put a lot of energy, thought, and resources into this. But we certainly do not have all the answers, and this is not a get rick quick system. You are encouraged to take and use the things you agree with, but also be thinking about the things you don’t. Build your own filters and systems to find a better win rate.

Sports betting is RISKY. We have done well in the past. But that is certainly not a guarantee of future results. The market is a fluid, living thing that is adjusting every year.

Ultimately what you do with this information is up to you (this is NOT investment advice). Be smart about bankroll management and never bet money you can’t afford to lose.

If you enjoy sports analytics, decision analysis, and you are ready to use your brain to outperform the market, this can be a fun, challenging, and rewarding hobby.


We are driven to create an amazing product that legitimately helps people win in what can be a difficult endeavor. Your continued support helps us to continue to invest the time and resources it requires to successfully beat the markets.