NFL 2017 Results

NFL 2017 Results

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We take the philosophy that the most important people on the football field are OL, DL, and secondary. And the reason why I LOVE football as a betting opportunity is that these positions are almost never talked about because of fantasy football. QB, RB, WR get all the attention, but I truly believe this type of fantasy production is simply a by-product of these core positions. How well can you block, how stiff is the opposing DL, and how well can they cover.


In other words, if you can block well on offense, all the other stuff is easy.


This works out great from a betting perspective. Most people are making picks based on what they know about each team’s fantasy positions. But how many people really know how the Bears OL and DL rates? Can anyone name 3 players on the Dline? And how they rate compared to the average Dlineman in the NFL? Of course not, but these hidden players are really who are deciding outcomes in the NFL.


Blocking & Tackling. Fundamentals of football. But fantasy has warped our perception of what is important in the game.


2017 Season Win Total Projections

NFL Season Win Totals


Season Win Totals:
4* Chc over 5.5 L
3* Jax over 6.5 W
3* LAC over 7.5 W
3* NYG under 8.5 W

2* Mia under 7.5 W
2* TB under 8.5 W

NFL 2017 Results

Full Season Results: 89-67, +22.73* (57.05%)

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Individual Member Pages:

2017 Results: 89-67, +22.73* (57.05%)

2016 Results: 47-36 +8.055* (link to 2016 page)

2018 Results: 62-54 +3.09* (link to 2018 plays)

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