NFL 2017 Results

NFL 2017 Results

Clear Data Sports – NFL 

We launched the CDS NFL model midway through the 2016 season using a “
First Principles” approach, borrowed from physics. This is the framework Elon Musk uses to create billion dollar companies, and we’ve found it effective in beating the NFL markets so far with a record of 204-142 (58.96%), +53.25 units (link to plays). 

The approach starts from the bottom up – creating a blend of individual player ratings from a variety of the best sources available: Pro Football Focus, Pro Football Outsiders, filtered play-by-play data, strength of schedule adjustments, and other proprietary coaching metrics. 

As we continue to evolve into 2019, we are set to attack the derivatives markets. It’s common knowledge that the NFL spread and total markets have pretty sharp lines. We’ve had success in the past 3 years with these, but we now focus mostly on softer lines such as 1Hs & player props. Posting player props in the CDS community slack channel starting in week 13 of 2018, we went 30-7 down the stretch run, and look to continue the success into 2019.

The truth we’ve been cut off at many of the sports book we use, especially for player props and season win totals (especially at the credit books). But that just means you can hopefully profit from our systems now.


NFL 2016-2018 Results: 204-142, +53.25* (58.96%)

View full list of plays here!


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