MLB Baseball Betting Model & Daily Picks

[Thursday April 4] Predictive Modeling in Baseball: Adjusting for Opponent Talent Faced


A lot of questions have been asked about building a predictive model. BaseWinner talks about one component in the video tonight, the importance of adjusting statistics for opponent talent faced. In other words, impressive stats against *bad opponents* may lead to inflated market prices.

[Tuesday April 2] Brewers v Reds– MLB Baseball Betting Model


BaseWinner goes into the agile baseball betting model looking at the Brewers v Reds:

[Friday March 29] Dbacks v Dodgers – MLB Baseball Handicapping Software


BaseWinner dial into the Dbacks v Dodgers game on Friday March 29 for a double play using the BaseWinner MLB Baseball Handicapping Software:

[Thursday March 28]: Cubs @ Rangers – MLB Baseball Handicapping Tools


BaseWinner goes inside crunch to handicap the Cubs @ Rangers for opening day! 

NL West – MLB Baseball Betting Division Preview


BaseWinner has redesigned the Lab – Get a sneak peak as we go deep into the process of rating starting pitchers, bullpens, and lineups in preparation for Opening Day on Thursday!