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[Friday May 3] Is MLB Starting Pitching DEAD?

With all the changes happening in baseball, the question is there: “Is Starting Pitching, as we previously knew it, DEAD?”

BaseWinner goes deep in the salary distribution of playoff teams to review. 

For more info on our MLB handicapping process, check out this page:

[Thursday April 4] Predictive Modeling in Baseball: Adjusting for Opponent Talent Faced

A lot of questions have been asked about building a predictive model. BaseWinner talks about one component in the video tonight, the importance of adjusting statistics for opponent talent faced. In other words, impressive stats against *bad opponents* may lead to inflated market prices.

[Tuesday April 2] Brewers v Reds– MLB Baseball Betting Model

BaseWinner goes into the agile baseball betting model looking at the Brewers v Reds:

[Friday March 29] Dbacks v Dodgers – MLB Baseball Handicapping Software

BaseWinner dial into the Dbacks v Dodgers game on Friday March 29 for a double play using the BaseWinner MLB Baseball Handicapping Software:

[Thursday March 28]: Cubs @ Rangers – MLB Baseball Handicapping Tools

BaseWinner goes inside crunch to handicap the Cubs @ Rangers for opening day! 

NL West – MLB Baseball Betting Division Preview

BaseWinner has redesigned the Lab – Get a sneak peak as we go deep into the process of rating starting pitchers, bullpens, and lineups in preparation for Opening Day on Thursday!