June 3 – BaseWinner Crunch (Members)

June 3 – BaseWinner Crunch (Members)

On this edition of the Basewinner Crunch, the Basewinner goes over a value situation that has been created for tomorrow.

The play is in the LAD v. MIL game and BW attacks it from several angles.

First, BW goes over log cutter stats for Hill and looks at his location frequency. As a bonus, the BW discusses a handicapping hypothesis and potential handicapping module that involves deep analysis on pitch location.

Basewinner also goes into Matt Garza’s log cutter and his similarity in appearance to the Devil. Also, both bullies are broken down.



Official Plays [SAT June 3]:

.67* 904 CHC -159
.67* 907 LAD -149
.67* 916 TOR -123
1* 917 HOU -162
1* 919 CLE -173
.67* 923 BOS -116


Note: We are “risking” 1% on favs and underdogs. Not “to win” 1%. 
Note: Make sure the line still provides 10+ points of value (your betting line vs the BW projected spread) 

You can view the official log of plays here: 2017 BaseWinner Record
2016 BaseWinner Record:
2016 BaseWinner Record

6-3 Overview:

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Walk Worksheet:

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