June 16 – MLB Series Plays

June 16 – MLB Series Plays

The Basewinner gets you ready for the weekend with this podcast!

Value has been created for a play on the Saturday’s card and on a series play in games between the STL v. BAL.

BW breaks down the key numbers and goes six deep with the log cutter.

St. Louis v Baltimore Series Analysis:


Note: These are experimental plays (still in beta):

MLB Series Bets


tbd Sunday


How to read the MLB Series Play Chart:


St. Louis Game 1 (June 16): 

63% Win Expectancy (equates to -170 “true” moneyline)


St. Louis Game 2 (June 17): 

56% Win Expectancy (equates to -129 “true” moneyline)



St. Louis Game 3 (June 18): 

47% Win Expectancy (equates to +111″true” moneyline)



Average Win Expectancy all 3 games: 55.6% (equates to -125″true” moneyline)

Binomial Calculation (odds to win 2 of 3 games at these win expectancy): 58.4% (equates to -140″true” moneyline)

Vegas odds on STL v BAL series: STL -105 vs BAL -115

BaseWinner series play: STL -105



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