June 1 – BaseWinner Crunch (Members)

June 1 – BaseWinner Crunch (Members)

On this edition of the Basewinner Crunch, the Basewinner goes over a nice total that has developed for tomorrow.

The play is in the LAD v. STL game and BW attacks it from several angles.

First, BW goes over log cutter stats for McCarthy and Wainwright. Then he goes into each teams bullpen.

Basewinner also goes in depth into team bullpen leaders and losers on this one. The MLB Top 5 and Bottom 5 Bully Projections and L30 are reviewed from overall, top and bullpen underbelly.

As a bonus, BW reviews pitching statistics and why we use K%, BB% and GB% as the basis for our pitching evaluations.

Once again, BW challenges the baseball hipsters as he looks at the lack of Year to Year correlative data for soft contact %. Soft contact % has been a buzz phrase in hipster land over the last couple of years.



Official Plays [THU June 1]:

.67* 904 NYM -139
.67* LAD/STL u8.5
.67* 909 BOS -111
.67* 913 MIN +110
.67* 916 SEA -123


Note: We are “risking” 1% on favs and underdogs. Not “to win” 1%. 
Note: Make sure the line still provides 10+ points of value (your betting line vs the BW projected spread) 

You can view the official log of plays here: 2017 BaseWinner Record
2016 BaseWinner Record:
2016 BaseWinner Record

6-1 Overview:


Walk Worksheet:

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