EPL Round 33

EPL Round 33

EPL: Round 33

The Matchweek 33 free podcast features the three key games on the EPL card, including an official play. The first two games looked at are Everton v. Leicester City and Sunderland v. West Ham. The big game of the week, Manchester United v. Chelsea is also dissected CDSA style and includes an official play.

English Premier League Power Ratings, Form Charts and Similar Historical Game Analysis are abundant in the Matchweek 33 ESP for the EPL podcast and Basewinner explores the betting modules, angles and ideas for this week’s EPL Card.

The Clear Data Sports team has also scaled the Squawka ratings for Total, Possession, Attack and Defense for 3 time categories.  LTO, the last six games and Year-To-Date so you can identify the English Premier League teams that are in the best current and YTD form.

Also on this episode, the most over-valued and under-valued teams this year in the English Premier League for odds and performance numbers for Matchweek 33.

Official Plays MW33:
Southampton +353            1/3 unit
Manchester United +163    2/3 unit
Middlesbrough +544          1/5 unit
Opinions MW33:
Everton  -218  Risk 1 to win .45
Sunderland  +229
Tottenham -345  Risk 1 to win .28
Stoke City -102
Crystal Palace/Leicester City over 2.5 -106
Watford +154
West Brom/Liverpool over 2.5 -101

Full Overview:

Module 1:

Module 3:


Team Ratings:


Overvalued / Undervalued:


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