EPL 2017: Matchweek 13

EPL 2017: Matchweek 13


This edition of the Premier League Betting Report will give you in depth information and ideas to help you win when playing the English Premier League Betting card for Matchweek 13.

Basewinner looks at the in-house CDSI ratings and projections. He also analyzes the five-model comparison to show you where the betting value is for the following games:

  • Manchester United v. Brighton and Hove
  • Burnley v. Arsenal
  • Huddersfield v. Manchester City

The models we look at in this podcast are from well respected data accumulators, number-crunchers and presenters.

Included is a highly studied last 6 goal differential module (G6) and the Bing, Five Thirty Eight and Bet Devil predictive models.

Also, we review the overrated and underrated teams from a betting standpoint. We also give you a team by team look at betting return for the 2017-18 season.


Member “OFFICIAL PLAY” Video:



Official Plays:

Burnley +515    .2 units
Brighton and Hove  +1999 .1 units


ALL Games
Personal Plays
Liverpool/Chelsea over 2 1/2 -141 
Swansea City +180
Huddersfield/Man City Draw +668


Coin Flips
Tottenham/WBA under 2 1/2
West Ham +182
Stoke City +306
Watford +248
Southampton -106

Full Overview:


Mod 1:



Mod 3:


Power Ratings:





Betting ROI (by Team through wk12):


Shot Conversion PCT:


Model Records:


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