CBB Full Card 11/29/20

CBB Full Card 11/29/20

Listed below are the plays from the college basketball betting model for Saturday 11/29/20.

809 Air Force/Seattle U142.5 0.5*
277 Jac +4.5 0.5*
813 TTech -3 0.5*
825 TCU -5.5 0.5*
823 South Carolina/Tulsa U140 0.5*
307101 Houston Baptist/Ariz St U167.5 0.5*

Here is a link to ALL OF THE DATA*** used to make these plays. You can also use it to make your own plays: Click HERE for the 11/29 Data Sheet

*** This is an Excel file that you will have to download. If you do not have excel, you can view it in google docs but the formatting might not be the same. If you have any trouble opening it, just email pony@cleardatasports.com


If you have problems reading the sheet, the first 13 min of this video will explain it all …


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