August 9 – BaseWinner Crunch (Members)

August 9 – BaseWinner Crunch (Members)

 Catch the reply of our LIVE show today (talking about Tuesday 8-8 games):

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Official Plays [WED August 9]: 
.67* 953 MIA +159
.67* 957 PHI +132
.67* 960 ARI +113
.67* LAD/ARI u8.5 -110
.67* SEA/OAK u9.5 -113
.67* 973 COL +152
.67* 975 PIT +124
.67* 977 MIN +142
.67* 979 KC +129
.67* KC/STL u8.5 -110


Note: We are “risking” 1% on favs and underdogs. Not “to win” 1%. 
Note: Make sure the line still provides 10+ points of value (your betting line vs the BW projected spread) 

Additional Note: 
Over the next couple months, you may notice we have passed on a few games that appear to have a significant line value difference. This is based on Mark’s research into a similar game model to filter out certain plays. We will start sharing some of these correlation studies on upcoming shows! 

You can view the official log of plays here: 2017 BaseWinner Record
2016 BaseWinner Record:
2016 BaseWinner Record

8-9 Overview:

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Walk Worksheet:

Top MLB Baseball Handicapping System


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